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About Jenny



I’ve been working in fashion for as long as I remember. 


As a young girl, I designed new outfits my Barbie dolls could wear to various occasions. First, I looked for the right fabrics and shapes. Then, my grandmother and I would produce the clothes – side by side, as a team. 


I outgrew those dolls, but never that passion for the perfect outfit. For the past 15 years, I worked for a leading fashion house in Belgium. My favourite part of the job? The work trips to Paris, London, and New York: discovering cool scenes, soaking up new trends, and bringing home those vibes to rework our current lines and develop new shapes for our stores. 


In 2018, I went freelance as Fashion Designer, working on several solo projects, special assignments, and close collaborations – all challenging and satisfying in in new and exciting ways. 


Next to that I’m also a makeup artist, both B2B and B2C. Which means I both do commercial campaigns and projects directly for end clients, including bridal makeup. More about that elsewhere on this page.


Last but not least, I enjoy sharing my skills by teaching Fashion Design to aspiring talent at SyntraPXL in Hasselt (Belgium), or by organising workshops in either Fashion or Makeup. The fun part is that no two weeks are ever quite the same. The difficult part: I’m never quite sure what the future will bring. 


But if these last few years have taught us anything: Are we ever? 



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